As a God fearing, Bible believing Christian….after a cancer diagnosis….I find myself in tears quite often.

I find myself deeply affected by the death of other women with breast cancer that I’ve seen and talked to through various social media modalities.

It seems lately there have been several people I know in my extended family, family, and work family that have lost or are losing family members. These loses are affecting me more deeply than they ever would have before my diagnosis. I find myself in tears so frequently these days.

God has given me more compassion, empathy, and sympathy and at a deeper level than I’ve ever had or experienced before my diagnosis. God has also given me a heart and desire to pray for the salvation of the loved ones of those that have died. I also cry not knowing if the person who passed was saved by the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ who die for our sins and rose again for our salvation and hope.  

I imagine that facing my own mortality greatly feeds into this change in me. The suffering, the unknown, the lack of control, and the fear that grips me…..all drives me to the feet of my savior. To rely only on Him, for He is my only hope and the only peace I can have.

As I sit here this morning preparing to order flowers to send to a colleague’s dad’s funeral, I think about trauma he will have to work through from having to give CPR to his father. I think about the trauma his mother is dealing with from finding her husband on the floor of the garage. I pray for them both. His dad was only one year younger than my dad is now. My heart is so heavy with the things we have to deal with on this fallen, sinful, broke down planet.

Do not let another day go by without calling or going to see those who you love. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.  

The only hope we have my friends is Jesus the Christ. The one and only savior. If your focus is on anything other than Jesus, you will find yourself in peril.

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