In my Shock & Disbelief post, I mentioned and pictured my MammaPrint test results that was ran on my first biopsy. I want to provide a little more information for you on that test. A company called Agendia does the MammaPrint test. The goal of the test is to “predict risk of breast cancer recurrence”.

The test spits out a report, that I shared in the post linked to above, that says “High Risk” or “Low Risk” regarding the chance that the cancer will recur within 5 years. According to and Agendia’s webpage, it is used to analyze early-stage BC that is stage 1 or 2, tumor size up to 5 cm, and are either lymph node-negative or 1-3 positive lymph nodes. Also, it can be used for invasive breast cancers.

I’m still not sure where this 5 year line in the sand came from, but it is a crock of BS. As they statistically know that ER+ breast cancers tend to recur after the 5 year mark, sometimes 10 – 20 years out. And statistically the subtype of Triple-Negative breast cancers tend to recur earlier and the risk of recurrence declines after 5 years. More on that later….back to MammaPrint testing.

Agendia also provides a BluePrint testing that is a genomic test that analyzes the activity of 80 genes from the tumor sample, which helps predict how a cancer is likely to behave and hopefully predict how the cancer may respond to treatment. The BluePrint test provides subtyping information: “Luminal-type, HER2-type, and Basal-type. This allows for the doctor to make more informed treatment recommendations.

This test is the only test that was done throughout my whole journey (thus far) that provided me with the information that the cancer was Basal Cell Type. So, I’m quite thankful that this test was run on my biopsy.

I will talk about the Oncotype test later, as it tends to be more common.

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