I’m fairly certain there are thousands of safe skin care brands out there, so by no means is this list comprehensive.


Most safe skincare brands typically will boldly proclaim what is not in their products on their webpage, while also providing a list of what is. When you check out a skincare company online, under About Us or Ingredients or something like that, there should be a loud proclamation of what you will not find in their products. If the site doesn’t have that, it is likely that they use ingredients that are not ideal, despite their use of words like “natural” and or also using some identifiable ingredients.

Suggested Brands

Keep in mind that no product or brand is perfect, but there are a lot of safer high-performing options out there; some of these are list below in alphabetical order. I’ve bolded the brands that I use and like. I’ve not tried or used all of the brands listed below, but do plan to try out products from other companies listed below in the future.

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